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Piren Photography was created with the purpose of helping market individuals, or businesses. From Real Estate Marketing, Drone footage to working with big brands.

We started doing work for an outdoor magazine a few years ago and today we are following our passion to create stories. 

Piren Photography

Octavio Rivas / Owner

P / (775) 298 6470




The Short:

Octavio Rivas is a jack of all trades and by this I mean he has worked in multiple industries, ranging from Ski resorts, hospitality, military, and recreational. He works out of a room with some climbing gear, skis, and his dog Vesta, who stares at him for another walk around the mountains or treats.

The Long:

I was born in beautiful Concepcion, Chile. (Yes, the country that looks like a Chili pepper) We moved to the states when I was a child, doing my elementary in Virginia. Later would move back to Chile and stay throughout high school. During this time I was focused on a snowboarding career and instead, I got injured and started to reconsider my life choices. I would create a board shop that was a great success and then was looking into becoming a sports physician. However, life happen again and decided to move to Incline Village, NV, and study Finance & Economics and Global Business Management.

With more things happening in between, I started to look at what made me happy, and photography and film were always passions of mine. I decided it was time to follow this path and see where it will lead me.  

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